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Ready for a healthier, stronger body? One which feels taller, leaner and at more at ease, without those day-to-day aches and pains. 

Come along to my friendly, fun classes and experience for yourself the fantastic benefits of pilates.  Whatever your age, you can find greater ease and flexibility in your movement and rediscover the pleasure of a body which feels strong, and able to cope with the day to day challenges of life.  A great adjunct to other sports, pilates can help you achieve better results by balancing the body and strengthening the core.

As a full qualified instructor, I am passionate about pilates and its many benefits.  I run classes to suit all capabilities in both Ashtead and Leatherhead.   My classes are fun, friendly and informal, and I look forward to welcoming you sometime soon.   Have a look below at what some of my lovely clients have said about my classes. 

Julia Leivers   



Client Reviews

"Before Julia's pilates class I thought my back would never get better.  Three years on, I have not had a single problem with it and have discovered a wonderful and enjoyable way to make my body and my mind feel healthy  and relaxed.  Julia works with us, and laughs with us, and I have loved the journey so far.  I improved without noticing I was trying." Alina Low, Ashtead

"I was a very late starter into Pilates but going to Julia's classes has revoloutionised my flexibility and I have no more visits to physiotherapy for back pain.  Everyone, senior citizens, as well as young should go to her class!"  Angela Mark 

" Your classes are superb and I certainly wouldn't go anywhere else. You are a kind, thoughtful and excellent instructor."  Lynn Collis. Ashtead

"I absolutely LOVE coming to class and feel I get so much out of it." 
Natacha Ferguson , Ashtead

"Thank you so much for teaching such a fantastic class. I have learnt so much and have gained in confidence as my body has strengthened and changed shape."
Rebecca, Ashtead.

'Julia is very meticulous in how she teaches the exercises - to ensure that they are done safely and correctly.  Her classes are very varied and always great fun.   The hour just whizzes by and the whole experience leaves you feeling really energised.  You really feel that Julia knows what strengths and weaknesses each person has and she adapts the exercises to suit each individual.   My neck problem has improved immensely, and my stomach is so much flatter - no need to leave the top button undone on my trousers any more!  

Sandie Moore (Physiotherapist), Leatherhead

"Julia is an excellent, caring teacher, who manages her class with both humour and rigour, giving individual attention to ensure that everyone makes progress whilst working to their own level.   She offers just the right amount of technical information to keep us informed of what we are working and why, without blinding us with science. Definitely the most beneficial exercise class I have ever been to!"

 Janet Ellis, Leatherhead


"Definitely the most beneficial exercise class I have ever attended."

Contact me:   07759 005551 or email me: pilates4all@icloud.com