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About Julia


My first contact with Pilates was in 2001, having spent many years attending aerobic, step and other exercise classes.  For the first time, I felt my body changing into one which was leaner, stronger and more supple.   

I trained with the largest and most respected pilates training organisation in the UK and completed the Matwork Teacher's Course in 2003. I am continually updating my skills and  I am qualified to teach both beginners and advanced level students.

What makes me different to any other teacher?

I have been teaching locally for 15 years and have established a loyal client base.   Because I teach only 5 classes a week, I have time to plan and prepare for every class, and more importantly, I look forward to, and greatly enjoy my teaching.   This ensures I bring a fresh enthusiasm to every class, which my clients enjoy.
I believe in building an ongoing relationship with each and every client.  I do not employ other teachers, so I get to know each person's strengths and weaknesses first hand, and can ensure you challenge yourself and work safely to build a strong flexible body.     Each class is different and I use a variety of equipment to keep the classes varied and challenging, including for example poles, weights, balls and stretchy bands.

During a class I will always circulate amongst my clients to ensure that they are working safely and effectively.  

My teaching is supported by my own weekly sessions with an internationally renowned master teacher.    I am constantly seeking inspiration and expertise from elsewhere, so I am always learning, and passing what I learn on to my clients.  


 Photographs by Christine Barrass Photography