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About Pilates

The pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago.  The method focuses on correct body alignment, muscle balance and strength. It aims to restore natural normal movement and is particularly beneficial for those who have low back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, or poor posture.   No matter what your age, or current level of fitness, pilates can be of benefit.

Even if you have never exercised before, with regular practice your muscles will become not just strong, but lean and toned, giving you a more slender shape, a flatter abdomen, and a more upright posture.  It is also excellent for reducing stress, and increasing body awareness, so that over time you naturally correct your poor postural habits, such as slouching, and rounding the shoulders.

Pilates is widely recommended by osteopaths, physiotherapists and many other health professionals as beneficial in maintaining mobility and strength, and improving posture related conditions.  It is now used widely by dancers, international sports teams and athletes as a key element of their training. 

If you want to remain supple and strong well into your maturity pilates provides that insurance.  If you continue to practice regularly it will support your everyday activities and enable you to continue to garden, run, cycle or do whatever else you want to without worrying unduly about injury or deterioration.